Man…I hate shopping!

Man, I hate shopping.  I am so different than most women, who die for the chance to purchase bag fulls of uncomfortable high heels and fancy perfume.  Those women who can go into a store with no set item in mind, and come out with 20 different things.  I am not that kinda lady.

So this blog stems from the fact that I have ran 3 personal items into the ground, and need to get off my lazy butt, go to a store, and buy them.  First, a hair dryer.  Yes, I need one.  BUT…only because my bangs naturally lay in this ass backwards M shape. I have to use the power of hot air to keep from looking like I have a unicorn inspired hairstyle.  I have had my current one for about 4 years.  A while back I could still use it if I bent the cord just right. But sadly, it decided to shoot a spark at me the other day and now our time has come to part.

Next, I need a new damn purse or bag.  The strap broke after I had had it 5 years.  LAME-O.  It was such a good, durable purse.  I tied the strap through a hole in the fabric, but I have to retie it ALL THE TIME, and know this is something I really need to get on.  I was thinking “How do other women deal with this situation?’  Then I realized, they probably already bought 3 new purses before the one they usually use is anywhere near the end of its usefulness.  Blah.   This shopping need has been on my mind 2 months, and I have touched 0 bags so far.  My only attempted at shopping is glancing through windows to see if the store has a plain black, durable, canvas purse that is not super big and bulky.  Maybe I should just take up internet shopping? Then I could easily find exactly what I want, and not have to waste hours wandering through stores, looking for that perfect bag, which is never around.  Nowadays everything looks fake leather, or has beads and fancy things all attached.  You know those 20 pointless buttons that end up falling off within a week?   BLAH! BLAH I SAY!

That last thing I need to get. The most dreaded shopping of all….SHOE SHOPPING!  I HATE IT.  Firstly, because I have these rare shaped feet, that are more like the feet of a talk and skinny man.  Size 12 1/2 if I am trying for women shoes. AND if they have that size, they seem to assume that your feet are REALLY BIG, as in WIDE.  Mine, are not.  In fact, they are triple narrow. DAMN.  So its the usual men’s converse or running shoes.  Ask me if I have ever owned high heels.  HA! I laugh in your face.  They would be so wide I would slip to one side and fall on my face or twist my ankle or something.  UGH! Now I am just dreading shopping again.  Damn you blogging!


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