Upcoming Events

Photo by Memo Villasenor

Here is a list of my upcoming shows and appearances. 


Nothing at the moment (Covid time,)  Check back for more info…



2020 Past Events


1/2/20 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Lexington Los Angeles.


1/11/20 – ModPods


1/31/20- Dangerously Sleazy at The Rec Center Los Angeles.





2019 Past Events


1/4/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at Highland Park Bowl.

1/19/19 – ModPods house show at Cholo Carwash’s house.

1/27/19 – NAMM (thank you Earthquaker Devices.)

2/9/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Redwood. 

2/28/19 – ModPods at The Smell.

3/8/19 – Dale Crover Band at Cafe Zebulon.

3/16/19 – ModPods at The Church of Fun.

3/20/2019 – ModPods at The Redwood Bar.

3/23/2019 – Dangerously Sleazy at Saint Moth Brewing Co.

3/27/19 – 4/1/19 – Sioux City family and friend time party vacation!!!

4/8/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Blvd.

4/20/19 – ModPods at East Jesus.

5/20/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa.

6/8/19 – ModPods at Cafe NELA.

6/13/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Boulevard in East LA.

7/25/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Redwood in Los Angeles, CA.

7/26/19 – ModPods at The Smell in Los Angeles, CA.


8/23/19 – 8/31/19 Dangerously Sleazy’s “Sleep Apnea” EP Release Tour!

8/23/19- Dangerously Sleazy at The Void in San Bernardino, CA.

8/24/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Caravan. San Jose, CA.

8/25/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Garage. Ventura, CA.   

8/27/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Redwood Bar, downtown Los Angeles, CA.

8/31/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at Cafe NELA in Cypress Park Los Angeles, CA.


9/14/19- ModPods at Highland Park Bowl, Los Angeles, CA.

9/29/19 – ModPods at The Virgil, Los Angeles, CA. 

10/19/19 – ModPods at Joan of Rock festival Bisbee, AZ.

10/26/19 – Dangerously Sleazy with The Pats Pats from Japan! Dog Lipstick party in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

11/2/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at Highland Park Bowl with Conan Neutron, Los Angeles, CA.

11/22/19 – ModPods at The Satellite.

11/23/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Prospector in Long Beach, CA.  With Fox Medicine and Cosmic Kitten.

12/7/19 – Dangerously Sleazy at The Silver Lake Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. With Fox Medicine and Cosmic Kitten.


12/18/19 – Dangerously Sleazy LIVE on KXLU radio, The Live Nation Show. 


12/30/19 – ModPods at The Echo in Los Angeles.