Drum Lessons

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I am available for virtual lessons, or in person in Los Angeles, CA.

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I highly recommend lessons for any drummer, especially in the beginning. It is important to have someone focused on your playing to correct any mistakes in form and help you to avoid possible injury, provide tips on proper practice techniques and exercises, offer new influences, and keep you moving forward on your drumming journey.


I also understand that not everyone has the means to take private lessons.  That is why I created Mindee’s mini drum lessons!

These free short videos give you something new to try; a beat, a fill, or a pad exercise.  I  explain any rudiments used in the lesson and break things down in an easy to follow manner so that everyone can understand and benefit.  The lessons vary from beginner to intermediate levels.  I just might throw some advanced lessons in the mix too.


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Thanks friends! Please message me with any requests.

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