I’m Mindee Jorgensen, a musician and writer living in Los Angeles, CA.  I specialize in live drumming, giving drum lessons, recording and session work. Check out my creative resume for more information!

I grew up in Sioux City, Iowa, and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2009. I created this website as a one stop place to share all my projects; links to my bands and music, links to my writings, and some things you will only find here…


Drumming is my biggest passion in life, and I have been following my dream of being a professional drummer for the last 20 some years. It has taken me on many adventures, brought many wonderful people into my life, and allowed me to travel the world doing what I love. I am very fortunate for all the opportunities my musical journey has given me, and am always excited to see what will happen next.

LA Record

I also play guitar, bass, and saxophone. Music brings me so much happiness and is what drives me to constantly work hard and focus on my goals. I don’t limit myself to any one style, I love them all!! I have played almost everything. Rock, marching band, jazz, classical, orchestra, blues, punk, electronic, black metal, noise rock, ect ect ect…

Deb Frazin

I give drum lessons, please message me if you are interested in learning drums or improving your skills! I love to help people experience the joy of drumming, and seeing them develop and grow.

I have a collection of published works and earned an AA in Journalism. I have mostly been published as a music journalist, but love to write personal essays, humor and satire, poetry, and short stories. I would love to write a biography someday.


I also enjoy yoga, hiking, nature, science, running, and animals. Hamsters hold a special place in my heart.


I love to study and learn, and some of my favorite subjects include quantum physics, astronomy, neuroscience, biology, biographies, and geology. I am a pretty big science geek. Growing up my dream job was an astrophysicist. I still love to ponder the mysteries of the universe and life.

I also do sound engineering, have had a couple podcasts in the past (The Hot Box and The FARM show.) I have plans to start up another podcast in the near future, so be on the lookout!




I have had some challenges to overcome in my life, as everyone does. I lost my mother to suicide when I was four, and this trauma really shaped the person I have become. Growing up with that as part of my life added extra hurdles to my mental and social development, adolescence, and general outlook on the world. I was very isolated in my process of grieving and comprehending what I went though. I had to figure out and overcome a lot of things by myself, all while growing up. I do still battle with depression and anxiety.


However, I try to acknowledge and focus what positives this experience has given me. I am very sensitive and try to be open to listen to anyone who may be going through tough times of their own. I also grew up to be very independent, self sufficient, tenacious, and goal driven.


I currently live with my boyfriend of 10 years, Manny Robles. He is an extremely talented guitarist and bassist, has a killer punk voice, and his food is better than most of the restaurants in Los Angeles! He is also really smart, funny and witty, kind of a neat freak, and way more romantic than I am. We have a lot of fun times together. We live with our senior pup Elvis, rescue kitten Rosie, and hamster Meatloaf!

Thanks friends!


8 thoughts on “Biography

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  5. Jason April 7, 2019 / 7:29 PM

    Hey Mindee, I just watched the Dale Crover Band on YouTube. Impressive. I laughed at the end when you accidentally hit the cymbal. Anyway! How would you handle drum lessons to a cat in West Virginia?

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    • qr7bb08zz May 25, 2012 / 5:43 AM

      Oh, why Thanks!

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