Have Fun Learning Drums

Drums are my biggest passion in life, and I am excited to share that passion with you!

Photo by Pilgrim Imagery

 Are you looking for easy to follow Drum Lessons, from a teacher who takes the time to work with your personal learning style?

Would you like a patient teacher who has multiple ways of explaining things to assure you have a solid understanding?

Are you ready for a teacher who is positive and encouraging and not only teaches you how to play drums, but guides you on making drumming a part of your daily wellbeing?

If your looking for a fun and rewarding new hobby, I will help you make your drumming goals a reality! Let’s have fun as we explore all the ways drumming can improve your life and wellbeing.

I don’t want to just teach you how to drum. I want to inspire you to get creative, evolve your own style and find ways to use drumming to heal and grow as a person.

The benefits of drumming go far beyond being able to preform live with a band.  It is a great source of exercise for both your mind and body.  It is calming and a form of meditation.  It is the perfect zen activity to ease out of a stressful day. Drumming has helped me personally heal from depression, grief, and trauma.  

Why choose me as your drumming guide?

With 24 years of drumming experience and 13 years of teaching experience, I am prepared to help you make drumming a part of your life.  I have formal schooling and training, and years of real world drumming experience.

I have played in over 25 bands as a full time member or hired/fill in gig drummer. I have toured 16 countries included Europe and Japan and been a part of numerous recordings. I am also a multi-instrumentalist and have recorded/preformed on guitar, bass, and saxophone.  I have a deep understanding of the musical language.

BUT!!! What really allows me to stand out as a teacher is my unique ability to make any drumming concept simple and easy to understand.  There is more to teaching than having the knowledge and skills.  Just as important is the ability to share that knowledge in a fun and understandable way.  I am a patient teacher who will always make sure you are on the right page and comprehending what I am teaching. 


I don’t have a cookie cutter course I teach each student.  With a free half hour consultation we can discuss your current level, your goals, and what your learning styles are.  I work around YOU to assure we maximize our time together and focus on what will help you develop into the drummer you want to be. Of course there are the basics and a standard order in which to learn drums, but I make sure it is tailored to you. 

 Click Here for information on rates, specials, and to get your free consultation. 


Here are some interviews where I discuss my love of teaching drums!

The Trap Set Podcast Interview

DRUM! Magazine Interview



What do I do besides teaching?

I am currently active with 4 bands-


Dale Crover Band – Drums   (2018 – Present)


Dangerously Sleazy – Drums   (2010 – Present)

ModPods – Drums, Bass, Guitar   (2012 – Present)


Honky Tonk Women – Drums (2020 – present.)

Female Rolling Stones Tribute Band.



Some other groups I have worked with include Peach Kelli Pop, Sioux City Pete and The Beggars, Azteca Frame, Silent Time, and Plague Winds.


I am also a writer with an AA degree in Journalism.  My writing focus has been on music, and I have written for Big Wheel Magazine  and Tom Tom Magazine






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