Creative Resume

   Welcome!   I am a musician that specializes in Drums.


I am available for…


-Drummer- recording and session work, live gigs, and touring.
-Private drum instructor for beginners and intermediate.
-Recording and session work for Saxophone, Bass or Guitar.
-Journalism, blog posts, articles, and other writing gigs.


 I am currently active with 4 bands.


Dale Crover Band – Drums   (2018 – Current)


Dangerously Sleazy – Drums   (2010 – Current)



ModPods – Drums, Bass, Guitar   (2012 – Current)

Honky Tonk Women – Female Rolling Stones Cover band.



The Trap Set Podcast Interview

I have been playing drums for 24 years and have experience in marching, classical, orchestra, jazz, blues, rock, punk, metal, and electronic beat making.

DRUM! Magazine Interview


I have performed with Over 20 bands and am great at fill in gigs.





I have toured North America numerous times, as well as Europe and Japan.  I have played festivals and in studio radio recordings.

Some other groups I have worked with include Peach Kelli Pop, Sioux City Pete and The Beggars, Azteca Frame, Silent Time, and Plague Winds.


I also play saxophone, bass, and guitar.



I am a writer with an AA degree in Journalism.  My writing focus has been on music, and I have written for Big Wheel Magazine  and Tom Tom Magazine


Check out my gear!!

Yamaha Stage Custom

Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride

Zildjian A Custom crash

Iron Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal

Promark 747 Kashi Oak Drum Sticks