Done is better than Perfect

Hello 2020!!!



As the new year and new decade approaches, it seems like a good time to reflect on all that has happened in my life the last 10 years, and to plan for my future. hummm…

I can be very hard on myself, feeling like I am not accomplishing anything. Feeling as thought I am lazy, stagnant and stuck.  My perfectionism gets in the way of me putting out there what I create within my head.  I can be so self critical. I have huge ideas that I never put into motion.  I have stories I never finished writing, and songs I never finished recording.



If there is one thing I want to change in 2020, it is my creative block. I want to create!  I want to finish my solo album, the songs that have been swirling inside my head for so long, but are never shared with others.  I want to create my own drumming business to where I don’t have to rely on a day job. I want to create a way to reach more people who want to play drums and to give lessons to as many as possible, and create an online drum course to inspire people to use drums to heal and help with stress and anxiety, just as drumming as done for me. I am ready to write a book.  I want to travel the world and earn a good and sustainable income through preforming music.

Despite the self sabotaging feeling that I am not creating or moving fast enough, if I look back on this decade I have actually accomplished many things.  2010-2019 has been the most successful decade of my life I must say, and I have so much more to do.



I moved to Los Angeles in July of 2009, so I have successfully sustained myself as a resident of Los Angeles for the last 10 years.  For a gal from Iowa who didn’t know anyone and hardly had any money when I moved here I guess that is something. Sioux City didn’t suck me back lol.


I have been in a long term relationship with a smart and wonderful guy who keeps me laughing, takes care of me when I need it, supports my goals and dreams, and keeps me in constants awe of his musical abilities.  I get to share a comfortable apartment with my best friend, an adorable senior dog Elvis and hamster named Meatloaf.



This was also the decade I discovered the wonderful world of hamsters… (RIP- Dizzy, Ashes, Cheddar Bear, Rex, Little Nugs, Blanket, Fiona.)  If only those adorable hand held teddy bears lived longer…

I became in Aunt to an adorable Nephew named Liam! I got to be a maid of honor in my sister Quinn’s wedding which was an extra special honor for me.



I got a killer tattoo of a hamster drumming.  I also got a nice car, bass guitar, video camera, and computer.

I had a Podcast called The Hot Box that I did with one of my favorite people in Los Angeles, Mary.


Musically, this has been my best decade so far.

In the past 10 years I have recorded…

3 EPs!!!


(Dangerously Sleazy Photo by @whatmariesees)


Dangerously Sleazy- Bad Things Just Happen  and Sleep Apnea


ModPods- We Are So…


2 full length albums!!!


Azteca Frame’s- Azteca Frame


ModPods- No Strut


and played drums on a split 7 inch with Dale Crover Band!


On top of playing hundreds of shows in Los Angeles, I toured the country and the world!

2- full US tours

3- West Coast Tours

I toured Europe once, Japan twice, and have been to Canada more times than I can count.

I played live on the radio multiple times.


I preformed live with 8 different bands, and recorded with 5.

I had the honor of  playing drums for one of my favorite drummer’s solo project, The Dale Crover Band, and  I got to tour opening for 2 legendary bands Melvins and Redd Kross!



I filmed many music videos.

I got to be in DRUM! magazine.

Tom Tom Magazine

Interviewed on one of the best drumming podcasts around The Trap Set.

I went to NAMM multiple times.

I was featured in a documentary on female drummers Beatkeepers.

I started seriously giving drum lessons and get so excited to see how far my students have come and grown in their drumming. I am blessed to have each one of them and look forward to gaining more students in 2020.  I love teaching drums!



I received an Associates degree in Journalism without taking out any student loans. DEBIT FREE BABY!! I have also done a good deal of writing, music articles, stories, personal memoirs, ect.

I also started Therapy and took the steps  to confront and heal from trauma and grief, and live a successful life despite depression and anxiety.


I have made so many great new friends this past decade, from all over the world! I am so grateful to everyone I have met, and also anyone who has supported my musical journey by seeing me play live, listening to my music, following me online, ect. THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION!!

Well…I mostly wrote this to remind myself that I am progressing, I am moving forward in life, I am healing from trauma, I am growing into my best self, and all the positive stuff I am trying to mindfully focus on.  Kinda sentimental about this past decade, it has been a good one.

As always, I am grateful for my top notch health and drumming abilities, my family and friends, the epic experiences I have had, and all the abundance in my life…




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