Hit Like A Girl- Supporting Women Drummers

Hey there friends! As you know, I live for playing drums. It is my favorite thing to be doing, and always cheers me up when I feel down. It is my therapy and creative outlet. It is what I do best.

Anyway, every year there is a special contest for girl drummers, called Hit Like A Girl.

I don’t usually enter, as I am not very competitive and also sometimes have trouble putting myself out there. Self esteem issues and feeling like I don’t deserve attention as much as others has always been a deterrent for me, but I am currently working hard to overcome these issues.

However, I was convinced to enter this year by a friend. Not so much trying to win, more so to get myself out there, and connect with and support other lady drummers.

There is a large community of women drummers, and it is wonderful to see them supporting and encouraging each other.

Especially when starting as a new drummer, it can be hard to share yourself with others. Fear of criticism can be a hard deterrent to overcome.

So I just wanted to share a link to my page on the Hit Like A Girl site. You can vote for me if you like, or just check out the video and bio.

As well, there are many other great ladies to support. It would be wonderful to check them out as well, and maybe leave an encouraging message for them. I am always impressed watching the category of young drummers.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks to everyone who supports me in my lifelong drumming journey.

Hit Like A Girl Page


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