Sure, Catholic priests are having a hay day with the little boys nowadays, but remember like 130 years ago where cutting off boys balls before puberty to preserve their angelic singing voices was all the rage?

I don’t know, I am kinda on the fence with the Castrati.  Chopping testies for the sake of music.  I mean, I watched a documentary on them recently, it was pretty intriguing. There was the opera singer host, and you could tell his biggest letdown in life was that no one cut his balls off before puberty.  You could see his longing to be one of those unique operatic greats, or even just one of those poor unfortunate choir boys.

The show did some interesting, computer science/recording magic, where they took the voice of a young boy, the voice of a high range male, and blended them with the effects that would mimic the small vocal chamber and powerful lungs that occur when you chop the balls.

Then, as they all sat in the room together, listening to the computer generated Castrato, you could see tears welling in their eyes.  It was so cinematic and touching.

The young boy, you could see the longing in his eyes, praying that someone would just chop his balls.  A small price to him for the vocal greatness he so desires.  I don’t know if I would be that surprised if the kid actually did it to himself someday.  I mean…if someone really wants to chop off their balls, who are we to stop them?  At what age is a child old enough to decided the fate of his own testicles?  Would he need parental approval?

Ok, so I am not actually for the castration of young boys.  Sorry guys.  BUT… it could be a cool thing to do to an adult rapist, right?   (Maybe that could be how the Supreme Court jumps in frat boy Brett. I would love to see Ruth Bader Ginsberg do the honors.)

Watch the Documentary!



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